If It Wasn’t For Having A 1-2-1 Call With My Mentor,

You Wouldn’t Be Reading This…

They Call Me The 6 Million Dollar Man…

And I’m Going To Give You Your PERSONAL RoadMap To The  Success You Want, 1-2-1, With Me.

Hey it’s Simon here,

And the nickname is not because I crashed my spaceship…


(Although I do make my clients money like a machine!) ;)


And over the past 7 years, I have helped to make my partners over $6,000,000 in revenue, just from partnering with me. 




But don’t worry,  I’m not here to sell you an expensive coaching product…

Or promise you it’s easy to make money online.


But I am here to talk about YOU. 

And your business.

And how one little personal conversation with me, 

Could 10x your business -


Just like Dan’s here: 

Because, Sometimes All We Just Need Is A Little Push In The Right Direction.


Sometimes, it’s not so easy to see what is right in front of us.


Heck, I didn't even think of launching the Marketing Summit Vault of videos until I was on a 1-2-1 call with one of my mentors recently.


Bouncing ideas off people is great (and profitable!)


And that's one of the reasons I started the Marketing Summit 7 years ago.


To bring like minded people like us together to help each other.


Entrepreneurs and business owners, 

People who already make money online -

And people who want to.


And I’ve Been Where You Are Now,. 

Heck, I’ve Gone From College Drop Out To 6 Million Dollar Man, 


And nothing gives me a bigger kick than helping people to get MORE -

Out of their businesses and passions.


The theme of Marketing Summit is always #imraisingmygame -

So no matter what level you’re at right now. 


Raising your game can take you -

From $1 to $100,

$100 to $1,000

6 figures to 7 figures

The single best way to #raiseyourgame to the next level -

(If you can’t jump on a plane and join us at the next Marketing Summit Event!)


Is to get yourself on a call with someone like me -


Who can help YOU to strategize, 

To chat to you 1-2-1 to see where you are,

And where you want to be. 


And help you create your own personal roadmap of how to get there.


No stress, no pressure. No templates. This is all about you. 


I’m Giving 30 People The Chance To Work With Me 1-2-1 On This Page.

Why just thirty?

Because I’m only one person.

(And I’m super busy making my existing partners money too!) 

And I want to make sure that I can give all of you that take me up on this offer,

The time, effort and attention you need to get the most out of your consultation.

So I HAVE to limit it to the first 30 fastest action takers. 

And I want that to include you.


So, How Does This Work? It’s Super Easy...


After you click the button below, you will get a short form to fill in.


(Don't worry it's not math or anything! It’s just so I can prepare myself for our call and save time on the introductions!)


After you have done that, I'll drop you a personal email and arrange a time to have a call that suits you.


Then, we’ll jump on the call and road map your custom success plan.


Simple. Effective. 


I'll record it as well so you can review it.


And Don’t Worry, This Call Isn’t About Me...It’s All About You. 


I’m not going to talk AT YOU for 1 hour. 

Or give you the same advice as I am going to give the other 29 other marketers who take advantage of this offer. 


There’s no templates here. 


This is not a group call.


Or a webinar. 


(Or a recording!) 


It’s a 1-2-1 call. 




Just you and I. 

It’s all bespoke. 

This is personal 


It’s all about YOU.

And what’s best for your business.


You bring what you already have -


Where you’re already at -


And what you want to achieve in 2020 and beyond.


And I will personally help you to #raiseyourgame 


By The Way....If You Are Wondering If It's Worth It…


In The Last 3 Months,


I've Done Two Online Product Launches That Both Done Over $220,000 Each…


And helped a private client launch a fitness brand. 


Oh, and if you’re still on the fence, make sure you check out Dan’s video above,  


I helped Dan and his company generate in excess of one million $$$ (and $670,000 of that came in just 5 days).



I Can’t Promise You I Will Make You $670,000 In The Next Five Days 


But I Can Promise You I Will Give You...


An hour of my time.

Dedicated to YOU.


Where we can discuss YOU and YOUR BUSINESS…

Where you want to go...


And most importantly, figure out a map to get you there. 



So click below,

And let’s grab a coffee (or a beer - whatever takes your fancy!)


And we’ll talk it all out


Speak to you real soon,


Consult with Simon

P.S. Remember, there are only 30 spaces available,

so I can give you the time you deserve on our 1-2-1 call

, so do make sure to click below and lock in your place now.


 I usually charge $1997 for this.


And outside of this offer on this page,

 that’s what you will have to pay for this service.


The truth is, I am so proud of the people we have helped with our Marketing Summit Events and the success stories we have created, 

that I wanted to use the launch of our vault to create just 30 more,

 for a tenth of the price. 


This is your opportunity to #raiseyourgame and create your success story,


 for the cheapest I will EVER be able to offer it.


 So click below now and I’ll get ready for our call.


Consult with Simon