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Unlock This Never-Before Seen 

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Here's A Sneak Peak At Just Some Of The Gold You're Going To Uncover In Your Marketing Masterclass Videos:

  • Todd Gross: Marketing Legend & Video Expert:

    The #1 thing your sales funnel MUST have if you want to get want to get MAXIMUM profits every time...

  • Dan Brock:
    You Tube Influencer:

    How "Mickey Mouse" built him a following of 166,000 on Youtube and made him MILLIONS in the process

  • Chris Winters: 
    Webinar Expert: 

    How a complete newbie can take this 1 technique and make a HIGH Converting Webinar right from the get go.

  • Michelle O'Callghan:

    Launch Copy Legend: 

    The one thing you NEED to read to write much better sales copy - HINT Its not a sales copy book!

  • Paul Ponna: 

    Video Lauch Legend:

    The 2 words, which is the simple difference between a 200k launch and a 1 million launch.

  • Dean Holland:

    2,, Member & FunnelHacking Speaker:

    Why closing down a $340,000 dollar a month buisness, was the smartest thing Dean ever did!

  • Colin Theriot:

    Copywriter & Cult Leader:

    How a Viking and a Velociraptor can make any piece of content you will ever need...

  • Sid Diwar:

    Backroom Boss:

    How a single support ticket was the catalyst for a $1.3 million dollar launch...









There’s a secret society. 


Where the world’s top marketers hang out. 

The most successful.

The most influential.

And those with the most $$$...


And The Great News Is...


We’ve Had A Camera Rolling In There The Whole Time…


These Are The Marketers That Consistently

Make 6 And 7 Figures (and More)...

The marketers that have sustainable businesses. 


Recurring incomes. 


The best in their fields.

The creme de la creme. 


And They’re Inviting You To Join Them.


(No secret handshakes required)...


And in just a moment,


I’m going to give you the key to this vault.


But first, let me tell you about these amazing Marketers and how this Masterclass came about…


My name is Simon Warner,


And I’m not just one of the leading Marketers in the JVZoo space, 


(Responsible for making my partners over $7,000,000 gross!)

For the past 7 years,


Along with the 7 figure Launch Copywriter, Michelle O’Callaghan, 

(Responsible for writing copy that’s grossed over $4,000,000 here on JVZoo) 


I have been running the events for this Secret Society.

13 successful events over 7 years.


All over the world. 


From Las Vegas to London, Venice to Goa, Liverpool to Florida and beyond…


With my great success in the JVZoo market, 


I have been lucky to have worked with and got to know some of the best marketers on the planet. 


And not only that, they have also been kind enough to give their time, knowledge and expertise,


By speaking at our events.


Generously sharing their successful strategies, top tips and perfect blueprints to internet marketing success and mass profits $$$.


And this has been life-changing for the attendees of our events over the years.





As part of this Secret Society,


Not only have they drank champagne on the roof in Las Vegas...



They've partied on Pirate Ships sailing around Venice..

Chilled at pool parties in

Florida together...

Been chauffeured around London

by private Big Red Bus...

Danced on the beach

in Goa with each other...

But Most Importantly,

They’ve Shared Secrets With Each Other


Secrets That Have Made Each Other Money. 


Serious Money.


And NOW They’re Going To Share Them With YOU.


  • The best thing about THESE marketers is, 


    They’re not just the leaders in their fields. 


    They’re NICE. Seriously.


    They’re AMAZING people.


    And SO generous with their information.


  • Over The Years, They’ve Shared These Secrets Only With Each Other...


    But there’s been a barrier to entry.

    To attend these events marketers have had to pay for: 


    • Event Tickets

    • Flights

    • Accomodation

    • Drinks, Meals and MORE…


    And yes, it’s TOTALLY been worth it...


As the experiences, partnerships and connections they have made them unforgettable MEMORIES. 


BUT it's the secrets they’ve shared from the stage that have made them MILLIONS…


And Now These Secrets Can Be YOURS.

Without you even having to buy an event ticket. 

Cough up for a flight...
Or pay out for a hotel room. 

Ready to watch, in the comfort of your own home. 

Pause, rewind, rewatch to your heart’s content.

As you soak up all of this pure gold knowledge from some of the most successful and influential marketers on the planet.


Make notes, ready to implement.

To improve your business.

Your results. 

Your profits.


Go through them in your own time. 

Whenever you like, 

As many times as you like. 


Oh And Of Course They’re Completely NON-PITCH.


And these are not just Facebook Lives, or hastily recorded webinars…

These are fully prepared presentations delivered LIVE from the stage at prestigious locations all over the world to some of the top marketers in the industry.


With Each Video You Get:

Up 2 Hours Of Non-Pitch Actionable Content.


There's Over 40 hours of Footage


Split Into Bitesize, Easy-to-Follow, Fast to Implement, Video Clips.

From 30 Of Our Best Expert Speakers -

(From 13 Events Over 7 Years!)

This Is A Best Of The Best.


Plus with some videos you get a BONUS question and and answer session, which gives you some of the best gold nuggets you’ll hear your whole career. 


World Class IM Legends,


Delivering Nothing But


Pure Gold


Non-Pitch Content -

Meaning, no matter where you’re at on your Internet Marketing journey - 


These IM legends are going to help you to raise your game to the next level. 


From Copywriting to Product Launching, Traffic-Getting to Solo Ads, Conversions, Webinars, Team Management, Funnel Building, Free Plus Shipping Success, Tribe Building, Crypto and more…


It’s like an MBA in Internet Marketing.


For a fraction of the price. 

With no exams to sit. 


 Helping YOU To #RaiseYourGame


For the first time ever, you can soak up the knowledge of some of the biggest and most successful names in IM.


Giving you exclusive access inside the brains and blueprints behind the biggest Marketing successes in history -



Looking over their shoulders and getting exclusive behind the scenes VIP access, to sit in the co-pilot seat, next to the likes of: 


Paul Ponna, Todd Gross, Laura Casselman, Dean Holland, Colin Theriot, Brad Gosse, Sid Diwar, Neil Murton, Tim Castleman, Chris Munch, Jay Cruiz, Michelle O'Callaghan, Anthony Aries, Anil Gupta, Chris Winters and loads, loads more...


And Discover, For Yourself, What Makes


These Marketers


A Cut Above The Rest -


What Puts Them At The Top;


What Separates Them From The Others. 


And Exactly How You Can Join Them.





Here’s Just A Few Pieces Of GOLD

You’ll Find Inside Your Copy Of The Marketing Summit Vault:

  • Get ​Proven Sales and Marketing Secrets

    Get access to the proven, tested and successful sales-producing secrets being used by the top Marketers in our industry, producing millions of $$$ dollars every single month!

  • More Effectively Analyze & Increase Copy & Conversions

    So you can enjoy more repeat sales...

    more profits from those sales...and more bankable income for years to come!

  • Get Actionable Advice from 7 Figure Experts

    Get the advice, guidance and answers you need to take your business to the next level from our 6 and 7 figure experts.

  • Renewed Confidence + Motivation Towards Work

    Get renewed confidence, motivation and passion for your work, by watching inspirational, no-pitch talks by like-minded people and experts who are working at the level you aspire to be next. Get inspired. Get going. And get succeeding. Time to level up.

  • Get the latest traffic scaling methods:

    Gain advantage with access to the latest tips, techniques, strategies and technologies that will take your business to where you most want it to be. No matter your product, niche or budget.

  • Build Your Buisness 

    Learn how to implement strategies that build your sustainability, continuous growth and recurring income within your business.


This is a BEST of the BEST Selection

From 13 Successful Events. 

Over 7 Years. 


The Best (NO PITCH) Talks From The Best Marketers From The Best Live Events.


All There, Ready To Watch, Pause And Rewind At Anytime -


From The Comfort Of Your Own Home -


Without you having to pay airfare, accommodation or even for your tickets! (Which retail at $397 on average alone!)





Let’s Have A Look At Just Some Of

The Business-Changing, Pocket-Boosting, Money-Making Speaker Content You’re Going To Get Inside:


Todd Gross

Marketing Legend & Video Expert

  • The counter intuitive advice that on pricing that will deliver MASSIVE results...
  •  The #1 thing your sales funnel MUST have if you want to get want to get MAXIMUM profits 
  • The STRANGE thing that Todd learned in his TV Career that translated in a getting paid every month online.
  • How Todd assembles an ARMY of affiliates for his launches, with his unique methods.
  • The ONLY trick to STOP refunds straight away with super smart customer support tactics.
  • How doing LESS in the launch space can actually mean making more...




Chris Winters


  • How to take ANY Webinar and use this 1 trick to DOUBLE your sales INSTANTLY.
  • How a complete newbie can take this knowledge and make a HIGH Converting Webinar
  • How to get an ARMY of JV's fighting to run your webinar to their audience.
  • Advanced conversion tactics you can use in your business - Even if NEVER want to run a webinar!




Sid Diwar

Meet the backroom guy who is behind $15 millions dollars in product launches!


  • The only thing you need to say to get anyone to work with you, even if you have never met them
  • How a single support ticket was the catalyst for a $1.3 million dollar launch
  • The simple secret that turned webinar attendance  to 100 a webinar to 600 people on a webinar
  • The Counterintuitive secret that Sid gives to someone to turn a 200k launch into a 500k launch.
  • The thing you should never put on your JV page if you want the big marketers to support you!
  • The missing thing from 99% of marketers emails thats leaving $1000s on the table
  • The clever trick that Sid’s team are using that getting them a team of 10 support staff basically working for free!
  • XXXX XXXXX (This means a successful launch - EVERY SINGLE TIME)
  • Revealed - How to MAKE MORE by CHARGING LESS
  • ONE THING you can give to customers and get DOUBLE your investment back


Michelle O'Callaghan

Copywriting Launch Legend

  • The one thing you should read to write better sales copy - HINT its not a sales copybook!
  • The two things technology CAN’T replace in sales copy, that everyone has within them.
  • The HUGE voiceover video trick, use this in you video sales letter and see your conversions skyrocket.
  • The “Real Estate Viewing Trick” That copywriters should use to make your prosects FEEL compelled to buy
  • How 'Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs' can get you inside your prospects head in just 5 steps.
  •  The “spoiler submarine” that makes you prospect pull the trigger on your offer 
  • The #1 often-overlooked thing in sales copy - that just TANKS conversions.



Dean Holland

2 Comma Club Member and FunnelHacking Live Speaker

  • Why closing down a $340,000 dollar a month buisness was the most profitable thing Dean ever did.
  • How Dean writes his sales funnels , BACKWARDS!
  • Dean's 3X3 funnel - and how he converts his own unique funnel
  • His "Anti Launch" Model and how turns digigal items into physical ones
  • The "Gamechanging" Thank You page strategy - and how it will BLOW YOU AWAY!
  • EXACTLY what you need to get your customers to NEVER stop buying.
  • The only two reasons why people won't buy from you - and how to conquer that.



Colin Theriot

Copywriter and Cult Leader

  • How to turn a Facebook Group into a Cult of RAVING FANS, who will buy ANYTHING you put out.
  • How both GOOD Times and BAD Times are both amazing for business and how you should tackle them
  • "What do we Hunt ?", "Where Do Find it?" and "How do kill it?...How Colin uses his Campfire Story method to keep his raving cult of fans happy and engaged. 
  • How a Viking and a Velociraptor can make any piece of content you will ever need...



Dan Brock

YouTube Influencer 

  • How "Mickey Mouse" built him a following of 166,000 on Youtube and made him MILLIONS in the process.
  • Dan's GOLDEN RULE of Social Media - Miss this and it will instantly kill your engagement 
  • Dan's incredible character based marketing and his "Disneyland" funnel
  • The one place you can be on YouTube that will get you 50,000 views in a day!
  • The 4 vital things thats you should include in EVERY video that Google will LOVE and Rank Your video Like CRAZY!




Paul Ponna

Launch Legend

  • The one thing You must NEVER do 2 days into your launch...
  • The 2 words, which is the simple difference between a 200k launch and a 1 million launch.
  • How your Social Media pages are DESTROYING your online reputation, just by posting this 1 thing on it
  • The #1 mindset trick that turns a launch into a $1,000,000 launch.
  • The long-term vision that turns simple introductions into multi-million dollar deals
  • One thing you should always say to someone at a live event - and the one thing you should NEVER say to them!
  • How Paul can partner with the number one influencer in ANY market - and get them to agree!
  • The one thing you must include in EVERY message you send - even if it’s just on Facebook.
  • Exactly how every launch Paul does a MINIMUM of $700,000 and his rock-solid advice to follow the same path.
  • The one thing an affiliate can give you that a Facebook advert never can!
  • The critical piece of advice the Paul learned from Jeff Bezos that he is using in his business to massive effect

That's Just A Small Sample of Our INCREDIBLE World Class Speakers...

(If we went to detail on every Masterclass featured in our Video Vault - We would need a much longer letter!)

Laura Casselman: CEO of JVZoo

Neil Napier: CEO of Kyvio

Jasdeep Singh: Solo Ads Expert

Neil Murton: 7 Fig Copywriter

Tim Castleman: CEO Castleman Consulting

Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz: CEO of Presscable & Muncheye

Brad Gosse: Thought Leader & CEO of Vector Toons

Dr Amit Pareek: 

Plus 15 More Masterclasses!  

Why Is The Marketing Summit Masterclass Vault So Useful For You 

And Your Business?


If you are a online marketer, want to be or simply market your business online in any way, the Marketing Summit vault is for you. 


Whether you’re a 5, 6, 7, or 8 figure earner, or are yet to earn your first dollar online, investing in The Vault is going to be your quickest and most effective way of #raisingyourgame.


Over the years, we have had Online Marketers, Digital Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Professional Speakers, Authors, Consultants, Software Creators, Affiliate Marketers, Mentors, Coaches, CEOs, Copywriters, Coders, Social Media Influencers, Vloggers, E-Com Experts and more…


Both attend and speak at our events.


Resulting in some life-changing improvements to their businesses and profits.

The whole point of Marketing Summit is to level up everyone who uses the internet to make or contribute towards their income.


SO however you make money online -


Or however you want to…


You will raise your internet marketing game by clicking below: 



These Underground Recordings Were NEVER Supposed To Be Broadcast…


But the wealth of information contained within them is just so life and business changing...


We're letting you in the back-door. 

These are underground. 


And up until now, it’s had a HUGE lock and key keeping it there. 


But Now It’s Unlocked. Open. Just For You.


With A MASSIVE 76% Discount. 


For A VERY Limited Time ONLY.



The Second This Time-Limited Launch Period Is Over

 The Price Rises To A (Still Very Reasonable For The Content) $297.


Just think how much a few hours with one of these marketing legends would be worth to your business. 


(Not to mention how much it would actually cost you!)


And YOU Are Getting A Few Hours With 30 Of Them.


You are getting the strategies, blueprints, tips and techniques from over 30 of the most successful marketers on the planet. 


For an INSANELY low price.


If you just took one single gold nugget from over ? hours of footage.

(You won’t - you’ll take more)


That you implemented into your business -


You could boost your bottom line 47x times more than your investment today.


True Story: Marketers Have Attended Our Summits And A Single Piece Of Advice Has 10X Their Profits. 


It might have cost them thousands in flights and tickets and accommodation to attend…


But it was TOTALLY worth it for the positive changes they felt in their businesses


You Can Have Access To Exactly The Same Business-Building, Profit-Surging, Life-Changing Information…


And Not Only Do You Not Have To Pay For Flights, Event Tickets Or Accomodation

You're Getting 4x What Everyone Who Attended Got...




You're Not Just Getting The Footage From The Best Speakers From Just 1 Secret Society Event...


You’re Getting Them From 4.


4 Of Our Top Class Events. 


That’s Over 40 Hours Of Underground Footage…


From More Than 30 Of The World’s Best,


Most Experienced.


Most Successful. 


Most Knowledgeable. 


(And Nicest!)

Marketers On The Planet. 


For Just Over $1 Per Video!

Why Is It SO Important

For Us All To Raise Our Game?

When you stand still in business -  You get overtaken. 


We don't want that to happen to you. 




So We’ve Finally Smashed Open The Padlock On Our 7 Year Vault.

And We’re Giving You The Key. 


Empowering You To Grow Your Businesses, Your Confidence And Your Profits To The Next Level.


"Excellence is not a Destination, It is a Continuous Journey that never ends"

Brian Tracy

  • The Tricks And Hacks That Our Experts Reveal On Stage, You’re Not Going To See Or Hear Anywhere Else… 


    Unless You Pay A Lot (And We Mean A Lot) Of Money For Premium Training Or Coaching.

  • And even then, you’re not going to get the benefit of being able to watch, pause, rewind to your heart’s content.

  • Even an off-the-cuff gold nugget shared by our experts can add tens of thousands of $$$ to your bottom line.



    And you’ll only hear these profit-making gold nuggets when you click below and unlock your personal vault.



Marketing Summit Video Vault



Implement the knowledge, strategies and advice of the world’s top Marketers in the Marketing Summit Vault and don’t see a change in your business, then simply let us know what you’ve tried and we will endeavour to help you in anyway we can.


We are here to support you to #raiseyourgame. If, in the unlikely event that this doesn't work out we will of course issue you a full refund

Simon Warner